Tinnitus Sound Therapy

The introduction of devices for tinnitus sound therapy (enrichment) was first done on the principle of distraction. In 1903, Spaulding (physician) utilized a piano to match tinnitus frequency in his patients. He played the frequency until his patients could not hear it. In 1993, McKinney and Jastreboff initiated the ‘habituation of the disordered auditor system’ […]

Tinnitus Sleep and why its hard

Other than the irritating and disruptive sound that describes tinnitus sleep, sleep deprivation is another common effect, especially at night. People who suffer from tinnitus find it extremely hard to rest peacefully every night since the buzzing noise persists throughout the night. Tinnitus Disrupts Sleep Tinnitus at night normally leads to more advanced symptoms that […]

What is Tinnitus? Here’s the Answer

What is Tinnitus? Our sense organs, that is, tongue, ears, eyes skin and nose are tremendously precious in providing us with a detailed image of the world surrounding us. For instance, imagine you are holding an apple. You can touch it and feel how it is shaped; you can use your eyes to see it […]