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Tinnitus Sleep and why its hard


Other than the irritating and disruptive sound that describes tinnitus sleep, sleep deprivation is another common effect, especially at night. People who suffer from tinnitus find it extremely hard to rest peacefully every night since the buzzing noise persists throughout the night.

Tinnitus Disrupts Sleep

Tinnitus at night normally leads to more advanced symptoms that make the noise louder and continuous. The reason is that lack of rest and sleep makes the condition worse, leading to loss of sleep. In addition to the sustained symptoms, it is likely for tinnitus sufferers to experience other health complications like increased stress, weak immune system, and others. The good news is that sound generators can be used as a protection against the tinnitus sounds to improve tinnitus sleep.

A Possible Solution for tinnitus sleep

It is believed that fan whirring offers brilliant outcomes in somehow getting rid of the ringing noise in the ears during the night. It enables you to sleep well at night. The fan emits a noise called ‘white noise.’ This type of noise is gentle and soothing and continues playing at the back of your brain, improving tinnitus sleep. Because of this, the gentle noise eliminates the disturbing buzz of tinnitus, assisting you to fall asleep.

Mainly, some individuals with tinnitus use more than one fan to drown out the buzzing, hissing and ringing sounds triggered by tinnitus. Air purifier or humidifier also works in the same way, producing sufficient noise to get rid of tinnitus noise at night that affects tinnitus sleep.

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How you can Sleep Soundly Despite Tinnitus

Lack of sleep is a rampant epidemic. Losing sleep because of tinnitus is widely common. Millions of individuals retire to bed each night and struggle with the sounds caused by tinnitus. It is important to find a way to solve these problems since a lot of people experience other health issues because of tinnitus sleep loss.

The following ten tips can help you sleep well at night, in spite of tinnitus sounds:

  1. Try to relax completely when you get into bed to sleep. Ensure that your room is entirely dark and start to concentrate on something or an area that will give you peace. Picture yourself lying on the beach after the sun sets, rather than in your bed. Listen to the sound of the ocean water and the waves splashing back and forth. You might wake up the following morning even before you realize you had fallen asleep!
  2. Get a sound generator and make sure that it has a lifetime guarantee, if possible. Place the sound generator close to the head of the bed and set it to the sound that makes you most relaxed. This noise will divert your brain from the tinnitus sound and help improve your tinnitus sleep.
  3. If you do not want to use a sound generator, place a fan or an air purifier inside your room at night. These two will emit a continuous white noise that will assist to soothe you to sleep.
  4. Ensure that what takes place in your life in the course of the day will not make you nervous at night, for instance, worrying about unpaid bills and your job. All these kinds of matters are crucial to think about; however, when you become stressed about them at night, it will make tinnitus sleep worse. To sleep, you need to conquer tinnitus sounds. If you do not sleep well, your problems will become worse, especially tinnitus which is aggravated by stress.
  5. Get sufficient exercise during the daytime. It will assist you to sleep during the night as you may become so worn out that even tinnitus noises will not make you remain awake.
  6. Attempt to use a natural sleep aid, which is not addictive to help in falling asleep despite tinnitus noises. If you do not get relief from a natural sleep aid, discuss with your doctor about an effective prescription sleep aid.
  7. Change your diet to assist you in sleeping better at night and decrease tinnitus sounds. Eliminate caffeine and salt from your diet. Salt presents a major contributor to high blood pressure. It is a medical condition whose side effect is tinnitus. Caffeine is a stimulant that will make your heart race, therefore making tinnitus sounds louder because the blood flow changes. The stimulant makes you remain awake also.
  8. Before going to bed at night, take a long, hot bath. Make the water as hot as possible then lie back and relax. Let all the day’s stress seep out and imagine that it has moved to the water, which you drain out when you are through!
  9. Hypnosis has been effective for some people who experience tinnitus at night. Get professional counseling to discover methods of meditation and utilize the art of self-hypnosis to rest well at night.
  10. White noises present in your house throughout are at times more effective compared to any type of music or recorded          sounds. The humming of the air conditioner or whirring of the            attic fans can offer the ideal noises to improve tinnitus sleep.
  11. Find out any food intolerance that might be causing your tinnitus. Food intolerance differs from food allergies although its effect might be the same as allergic reactions such as gastro-           intestinal discomfort.  The only method of determining food intolerance is through elimination process, as no real tests exist to establish food intolerance.

You can improve the quality of your sleep every night using these tips. As a result, your general health will improve, as well as your response to tinnitus. Some people’s symptoms decrease following only one night of improved tinnitus sleep.


For tinnitus sufferers, sleeping soundly at night might sound impossible. However, this should not be the case anymore. Rather, exercise more patience and specifically train your brain to eliminate the irritating sounds of tinnitus as you listen to relaxing music.

This procedure might become effective after some time; but, it is worth waiting for and some tinnitus sufferers have experienced great results.

Lastly, support groups and forums of people who experience the same problem as yours should be considered because they offer an effective way of seeking solutions to lack of sleep because of tinnitus.

Tinnitus Sleep and why its hard
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